Age and a Sense of Humor

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A friend of mine sent me a link to this video. Not only is it a good chuckle, but it shows how getting older requires a healthy dose of humor to get over some of the bumps. Mary Maxwell, the speaker, delivers her tongue-in-cheek comments like a professional. Definitely take some time to look at the video and check out the two related web sites, and Home Instead. I hope to check these sites out more thoroughly and comment on them later.

Site Updates and Changes

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Wow, has it really been over six months since my last post?! My apologies to anyone who has been coming to the site hoping for new information, it has been a really busy year and I have simply let all side project fall to the side. I was really hoping to recruit some part time contributors, but I haven’t had any luck so far. I really do want to keep the site active if I can get some things to fall into place.

Some site changes: I’ve turned off user registration…finally. Frankly, it doesn’t really make sense to have people registering and 99% of the registrations are SPAM or email bots. I’m not offering anything on the site the requires this so it’s easier to just turn it off. I do still encourage people to comment on posts or send me email, which doesn’t require any registration. DISQUS now allows you to sign on with a variety of account types including Twitter and Facebook, so that should be sufficient.

On that note, please continue to send in questions or suggestions and if they are simple enough I’ll respond with a post. I have neglected to respond to some emails and comments and I sincerely apologize. Actually, I have a post to explain part of that which I hope to release soon.

Finally, I am desperately trying to clean out my home of things I really don’t need, and some of these things are BOOKS. I bought a lot of help books while care for my Mom and while a few years out of date, still have some valuable information. Rather than just get rid of them, I’m offering one book of your choice (until they are gone) to anyone who relates any kind of story about their caregiving experience, that offers helpful advice, tips, or encouragement, that I can turn into a post on the site. I’d really like for this site to be a place where other people can contribute as much as they want. I’m sure there is a lot of good advice out there. I have considered creating some forums, but at the moment I just don’t have the time to moderate them and I suspect they will just fill up with spam.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Site Progress And Request For Contributions

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So, there has been some movement forward on the site additions and redesigns. The first being the new logo, designed by Holmquist Design. It took us a while to nail the look I wanted but I think we finally got it. If it isn’t on the site when you read this than it will be shortly. Other tweaks to the site’s layout should also be coming soon, but at least now there is an identity.

Another addition is that Caregiver Hints is now on Twitter. Look it up at I am following a number of great contributors discussing health and caregiver issues whose content I will “retweet” when I find some good tidbits of advice or information. You can also preview the new logo there.

The biggest hurdle to keeping up the site is that I have to maintain it and contribute during my spare time, of which there is very little. I am also blogging for a number of web sites besides my regular day job, so most of the work has been behind the scenes. I literally have stacks of notes of possible articles, but no time to get them on the site.

Since I was to ensure that the site remains a valuable resource, I’m putting out the call for contributions. If there is anyone out there who would like to write articles for the site, or maybe just pass on something valuable you have learned about in your caregiving experience, I’d love for you to write in and I’ll post it on the site. Whether it’s a tool that helps you with caregiving, organizing your time, or maybe even a product or service you found useful, I’d like to hear about it. I will give you full credit as the contributer and you will be helping me and anyone else looking for caregiving hints. Personally, I’d love to hear some tips and experience from others in the caregiving community. I envisioned the site as a way to share what I had leaned on my own in the hopes it would help other caregivers avoid some of the pitfalls I had to deal with. I think it would be ideal if other tips and stories came from non-professional writers and caregivers. Sharing and building a community is very important since the act of being a caregiver, especially for a spouse or parent, can be a very isolating world.

If anyone is interested, please email me using the contact form and we can discuss your story submission.

Take care of yourself, as well as others.™


New commenting system

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I’ve just installed the article commenting commenting system from DISQUS!

What it means for visitors, hopefully, is that it will provide a better community experience, and an easier way to post questions and follow responses. Another cool thing is that if you visit other blogs using DISQUS, you can use the same user profile.

Please try it out and let me know what you think!

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