Holiday Message – Be careful out there, and considerate

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I just wanted to take a little time out to say Season’s Greetings, and offer some tips and suggestions to deal the chaos that sometimes goes with them.

When traveling, please be aware that due to the holidays, there may be more people in wheelchairs at the airport. Be considerate. Not only is it difficult to get around in a wheelchair, but when the airport is busier it is also more difficult to get assistance. When traveling with my Mother, the airport was the most stressful part of a “vacation”. Not only did she need assistance with everything, but I needed to carry my bags plus bags for her medication, insulin, etc. We also had to go through the “pat-down” line at security. Please, if you see anybody in this situation, don’t make their day any more difficult. Everyone is in a hurry, but some peoples’ problems are bigger than yours.

During the holidays, many businesses may take on part-time or volunteer help to address the extra shopping traffic. Sometimes elderly folks will take these positions for some extra spending cash. This may be even more common now with the struggling economy and layoffs. Some of these “new” employees may not be accustomed to the hectic pace of holiday shopping sprees. This plus learning a series of new tasks may be overwhelming. Do everyone a favor and try to keep a cool head and be sympathetic to that cashier who seems to be having trouble with the cash register.

At home, don’t forget to lend a hand. If you are going out shopping anyway, ask your older relative if you can help out by picking up some of their shopping for them. Helping out around the house can be especially welcome whether it be cleaning up or helping in the kitchen. And if you have relatives living alone, or far away be sure to give them a call during the holidays, or send a gift basket from one of the many online retailers. If you have any family that are acting as caregivers, try to give them a hand so they can relax and enjoy the holiday as well.

Lastly, the are a lot of people, elderly and otherwise, who will be struggling to stay warm, or get enough to eat, so try to set something aside for the Salvation Army, your local foodbank, or church, so that they can help those in need during the season.

Think about it. Happy Holidays from Caregiver Hints.

Who Pays for Your Parents’ Care?

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For me, there wasn’t much of a question of who would pay for my Mother’s care. Once her assets were extinguished, as the only child it was up to me to foot the bill for anything not covered by insurance, Social Security, or Medicare. In larger families, however, the issue may arise as to who is responsible and for what?

The following CNN article discusses this question and the rising need to find solutions to the expanding issue of healthcare for the aged. Even though it not a popular subject, families should discuss the issue as a group before they are in the middle of dealing with it. Choosing who will provide hands-on care, if any, or financial assistance early could prevent a lot of fighting and bickering later. Also, as people get older, they should take the initiative to have a say in their care by planning ahead and discussing their wishes with the family.

CNN – Who should pay for mom and dad’s care?

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